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Lavatory Drain Coupling Aluminum (LAV Dump Coupling) Compares to Tronair Straight Type Dump Connector Coupling Kit, part number K-2412, K-2412-A2, K-2412-A3. Other part numbers: 2653-1, 2653-21-1, V2653J001P00, V2653J001P10, V2653J001P20, V2653J015A00 and V2653J015A10.
Used Hobart 600 28V/28.5V DC Aircraft GPU India Manufacturer: Hobart Part Number: 600
Open Braided Scuffer Jacket Part Number: 1106-30, 1106-40, 1106-50, 1106-60 INDIA OPEN BRAIDED JACKET—P/N 1106-XX features synthetic yarn with extruded abrasion resistant rubber vulcanized in a spiral to the braided jacket. Open Braided Jacket 30 FT Open Braided Jacket 40 FT Open Braided Jacket 50 FT Open Braided Jacket 60 FT.
Aeroduct Jet Starter Hose Part Number: 10H09-20, 10H09-30, 10H09-40, 10H09-45, 10H09-50, 10H09-60 INDIA Aeroduct Jet Starter Hose and Scuffer Jackets may be ordered in assemblies by part or in any combination of the hose and jacket. The assembly may also be furnished with end fittings as required. Hose will be inserted into scuffer jacket. Aeroduct Jet Starter Hose features a specially compounded silicone rubber tube that withstands temperatures up to 500°F and as low as –80°F. Light enough to be handled easily by one person, the hose construction features a synthetic yarn reinforcement that assures high burst strength (400 PSI and higher), dimensional stability, and maximum flexibility. Plus, it's resistant to heat, solvents, mildew, and fuels. Jet Starter Hose 20 FT Jet Starter Hose 30 FT Jet Starter Hose 40 FT Jet Starter Hose 45 FT Jet Starter Hose 50 FT Jet Starter Hose 60 FT
Leno Weave Scuffer Jacket Part Number: 50859-20 , 50859-30 , 50859-40 , 50859-45 , 50859-50 , 50859-60 INDIA LENO WEAVE JACKET—P/N 50859-XX consists of closely woven, treated fabric with extruded abrasion resistant rubber vulcanized in a spiral to the lenoweave. Lenoweave Jacket 30 FT. Lenoweave Jacket 40 FT. Lenoweave Jacket 45 FT. Lenoweave Jacket 50 FT. Lenoweave Jacket 60 FT.
ZF 0750 131 053 SPIN ON HYDRAULIC OIL FILTER INDIA MADE IN GERMANY BY ZF-OIL-FILTER Part Number: NR. 0750 131 053 Replaces Baldwin BT739, Donaldson P550416, Fleetguard HF6317
22013MAP COBUS SWITCH EMERGENCY CONTROL SET 10084575 INDIA Part Number: 10084575 Part Description: 22013MAP COBUS SWITCH EMERGENCY CONTROL SET Additional Part Information
Wabco 4341001260 Charging valve Part number 4341001260 Application - Pressure relief Release the connecting piece for the compressed air to auxiliary consumers only after the brake system design pressure has been reached Properties - Pressure-relief valve without backflow - Overpressure: 6.0 bar - Adjustment range 5.3 ... 7.0 bar