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Jet Starter Hose ASU/JSU Hose, 30/40/50/60-Feet Delhi India Hose for Aircraft Air Start Units (ASU) is constructed of a high-quality silicone rubber tube (3.5-inch inner diameter) that withstands temperatures as low as -80º F (-62.22º C) and as high as 500º F (260º C). This hose is light enough to be handled easily by one person, and is resistant to heat, solvents, mildew, and fuels. The hose features a synthetic yarn reinforcement that adds stability while remaining flexible. The hose has a high burst strength of 400PSI and higher. This hose does not include a scuff cover, which can be purchased separately.
EASY GSE is the Best Used tower available for A321/A320 aircraft type in Delhi | India
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GSE Support India Pvt Ltd is best supplier for the B.M.E Filters for Bridge Mounted Equipment used at the Airport Aerobridge
Supplier of Steering By Pass Pin Airbus A320/A321 A350 A380 A330 A340 Delhi | India
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Baggage Trolley 8'X4' for Airport Delhi | India
Load Bank L72 L28 for Aircraft Supplier of Load Bank for GPU New Delhi | India